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Marburys show cockers

Jaz's puppies

Izzie (new name Daisy)


Daisy has now left to her new home, be a good girl Daisy xx

Hi Marcella

hope Gemma and puppies are all ok.

Just to let you know that Daisy has made herself right at home. She has done 2 wees in the garden and none on the floor so far, had her lunch and been asleep in her crate for the last hour! she is such a good girl- so far.

I will keep in touch, thanks so much for bringing her up so well, she is a credit to you.

Helen x

Bella (new name Ruby) 


Ruby has left for her new home ! Be good Ruby ! Had several texts to say how great Ruby is and how well she is doing.Hi Marcella, how are you ? Just thought it about time I updated you with some pictures of Ruby.

She is one clever little girl, me & Roy have been amazed how quickly she learns things considering she is still only a very young pup. She understands many commands - "No" being the one most used ! She has learnt not only to sit but to give her paw before she has her food and now even yaps at the door if it is closed and she needs to go out for a tiddle.

We had the last of her jab's today at the Vet's and all the girlies love her there - even some of the other 'patient's' think she is so gorgeous and pretty looking which of course would be no other than the truth ! We had her chipped today and have her booked in for November when she is 6 month's old to be speyed - no puppies for Ruby just as we agreed and to be quite honest I couldn't do what you do Marcella as I don't have the patience !

I have been looking on your website and see all of Gem's puppies have been sold - I'm not surprised as you are one of the best breeders I have come across and feel pleased as punch that we had one of your brood ! Not only do you give the puppies the best start in life but also show a true commitment to each of your 'girlies' and this most certailnly reflects in the puppies they have. I'm sure Millie will have gorgeous pup's as well - hope all goes well for her.

Another couple of weeks Roy and I will be showing Ruby the great outdoors - we can't wait to show her the beach. She has already been in contact with a few other older dog's and she loves to play - the're just not too sure of her as she bounds around a little too fast for their liking - one dog called Rosie who is a 3yr old lab - hid behind her owner !

Will do our best to come over and see you - would be nice for Ruby to see her mum & auntie's if thats ok ?

Give our regard's to Mark - hope to see you both soon.

Fondest Regard's,

Ros, Roy & Ruby Farmer. xxx

Martha (now called Smudge)


hi marcella. sorry not to have contacted you before about our little tiger but she has kept me rather busy! she has been very settled from the start and loves to do a spot of gardening. she is very loving.we have had lots of games and then big sleeps!she wwent up to bed with us at 1130 and slept all night until 545 this morning when she woke up and did 2 tinkles and apoo in the garden. she is just lovely and makes us feel complete again. thankyou for all the obvious hard work you have done with her she is currently assaulting david on the living room floor! i will try and email you some pics when i can figure out how to do it! hope jaz ok without her babies and that gemma and the new borns are doing well. take care, love from the very pleased fisher

Pippa (staying Pippa)


Hi Marcella and Marc,

I thought you would like to know that Pippa has settled very well, 2 wee's indoors but otherwise she's been outside. She slept from 10.30 till 5ish had a wee and went back to her bed. She loves my 9yr blueroan but he keeps his distance but Millie the 2yr black and white is having to accept she is not the only princess now! I will keep in touch and send some photos. Thank you very much for a beautiful well cared for puppy. Hope to see you soon.


Janet x

Donna (new name Saffi)


Hi Marcella

Saffi is settling in very well. She came home and loved her crate and with regular trips to the garden we have had no accidents yet. Yesterday she did not eat too well, but today she has been eating well and has just settled down to a sleep after a play in the garden.

She is very friendly to visitors and is responding to her new name.

Thanks so much for letting me have one of your lovely puppies. I will send some photos in a day or 2 – when I can get her to say still for a few minutes!

Hope the new pups are OK and you have managed to get some sleep.

Best wishes


Maisie (staying Maisie)



just to let you know we had a good journey back, she did cry a bit to begin with but settled down and had a nap for about 20min, which was good.

She has just had some of her food and managed to eat alot of it, she had a good play in the garden and also has been to the toliet. At the moment she has just tucked up with her 'flea' and bed and is having another nap.

Thank you very much for letting us have such a wonderful pup.

The Lee Family

P.S here are a couple of pictures of her in the garden. 

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Mum and dad !!

A quick update, Jaz has had 8 lovely puppies 6 boys and 2 girls, consisting of 4 blue roan boys, 2 orange roan boys, 1 blue roan bitch and 1 orange roan bitch.

Billy(new name) Charlie ,blue roan dog RESERVED-Jacqueline Brown- deposit PAID

Toddy,(new name) Baxter, Orange roan dog RESERVED- Michelle Batholomew- deposit PAID

Baxter has left for his new home, be a good boy

Lacey(new name) Tiva, orange roan bitch RESERVED-Caroline Larcombe- deposit PAID

Tiva has left for her new home, be a good girl Tiva xxxx

Colby,(new name) Casper blue roan dog. RESERVED awaiting deposit - Ian Simson deposit PAID

Casper has left for his new home, be a good boy ! xxx

Tessa,(new name) Belle, Blue roan bitch RESERVED Sarah stokes - deposit PAID

Belle has left for her new home, be a good girl !! xxxxx

Jimmy,(staying Jimmy) Blue roan dog RESERVED Paul and Vanessa deposit PAID

Jimmy has left for his new home, be a goog boy Jimmy xxx.

Had a text from Jimmy owner, he has been a star, slept through both nights and no mess at nights either

Ozzy,(new name) Theo, Blue roan dog RESERVED Woods family- deposit PAID

Theo has left for his new home, be a good boy please xxx

Ollie, Orange roan dog. RESERVED

Ollie has left for his new home, be a good boy !!! xxxx

Playing in garden

Jack / Jackson- Blue roan RESERVED Anna and Josh

Kelly/Daisy - Blue roan- RESERVED Maurice

Ozzy(staying Ozzy) - Blue roan - RESERVED Donna

Shaz/McGinley - Blue roan- RESERVED Margaret

Marvin - Blue roan RESERVED Paul and Carole

Amy/ Pepper


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