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Marburys show cockers

Gemma's puppies at 4 weeks and 6 weeks

Leo (new name Patch) Orange and White

RESERVED, gone to his new home, be a good boy Patch! Ive spoken to Patch new owner and he is doing really well and didnt wake them at all, but he has gone with his cousin Oscar.


They are getting on really well & have really settled. Oscar is the most confident and likes to adventure around

and play with Toby our beagle, patch will only play with Toby if he comes to him first.

They both eat well and have plenty of toys they play with, Toby is happy for them to get in his bed and play with toys

so long as they let him play too! although when toby wants to chew on his bone oscar likes to lay across the bone to make it hard for him.

They both sleep well at night we havent had any problems, both use the pads put down to wee on although patch does like to

do it on the very edge. Out of the 2 of them Patch seems to be the most timid with everyone although likes to bite Oscars ears when he is asleep to get him to play.

They are very happy and contented and have done you proud, i shall send you some photos over the next week or 2 so you can see them

but will keep in touch inbetween.

thanks vicky

Robbie(new name Fred) blue roan

RESERVED, gone to his new home, be good Robbie !Hi Marcella,

Sorry only just logged on today. Fred is very happy, first night only cried for 8 minutes , i almost went down but Alex wouldn't let me and I'm so pleased- it worked!!! Last night though he cried for 30 minutes and eventually i went down and he had somehow closed his cage door with him on the wrong side of it! Poor thing settled down straightway once he was back in his bed!

I can't believe how quick to learn he is though as already sitting on command even without food, just praise and bringing a ball back to us when we roll it along the floor for him. I've been playing loads with him but worry i might make him a bit dependant on my company so am going to spend a bit more time out of sight today I think, although it's so difficult when he is just so sweet.

Lots of our friends have already been over to say hello so I think as far as human company he's going to be pretty well socialised!

Thank you for such a lovely handsome boy- i will keep you up todate! First injection booked for Saturday.

Love Sophie, Alex and Fred xxx 

Freddy (new name Bosco) blue roan

RESERVED, Bosco has left to be with his family now, be good Bosco!

Hi there Marcella

Thought I'd give you an update on Bosco. He is absolutely adorable - totally loved but doesn't really get much time to himself, which he seems cool about, he is being shown off to anybody and everybody. We had a good night with him, he came out with us in the evening and loved all the attention everyone was giving him, but when we got home he settled down and didn't hear from him again till the morning! Wee training is abit hit and miss and more times doing it on the paper so really good. He has cried a little bit but is so busy doesn't get chance. He is a lovely puppy with a lovely temperament and really good with the kids. I'll keep you posted.



Danny (new name Alfie) black, white and tan

RESERVED, has gone to his new home, be a good boy !

Hallo Marcella

He is smashing. Had a reasonable night with him, could have been worse. He went in his bed 10. and slept on his own until 4.30 then he cried and cried, I went out to him and he sat on my lap while I had a drink, he fell asleep and I put him back in his bed and he slept until 7 o'clock. Not bad considering he had left his family. Only thing that is bothering me at the moment is, he is eating well but doesn't seem to drink at all. I am putting water down for him is that right. All the family love him.

Love Maureen xx

Barney (new name Dennis) Orange roan

GOING TO BE DONATED TO HEARING DOGS FOR THE DEAF, Barney has gone today 23/01/09, good luck Barney and please make us proud !! Dennis has arrived at his socializing home and is loved already, he has eaten and is happy !

Chloe (New name Lucy) Blue roan

RESERVED, gone to her new home, be a good girl Lucy

Hi Marcella, Lucy’s first day was fine; Aimee was a bit over enthuastic, so I think Lucy was quite happy for some time just the two of us this morning. Last night she cried for about 1 hour 30mins at 2 o’clock in the morning but then settled and slept till 630. She ate at 12 yesterday not much at 4 and 8 but today she’s eating fine. We’ve managed to toilet in the garden a few times today, not much luck yesterday. She absolutely loves the garden, it’s like someone has wound her up and she’s off which is why I think the toilet training went amiss yesterday as she was so distracted by all the leaves and grass. She chews the leaves sometimes, we take them away from her as soon as we can will they do her any harm?

Will update you again soon.

Love Alex

Harry Orange roan

RESERVED is staying with me till 10th Feb,

Hi Marcella

Just to let you know Harry has settled in very well. He is eating like a horse and loving the garden which is full of interesting things, especially chickens. He has just discovered the joy of chasing the chickens which is a great game. The cats are not terribly enamoured either. One is terrified and the other doesn't want to play and worst of all he is taking her prime spot by the Aga - as you can see.

Thanks for all your hard work with him, he is such a well adjusted little dog.

Best wishes

Julian and Ann Starmer-Smith

Reggie (new name Charlie) Orange and white

RESERVED, has gone to his new home, be a good boy Charlie. charlie,s doing great ,we are all really pleased with him.however he cried last night for an hour 2.30 to 3.30 but then settled himself down till 7.00am. never known a puppy sleep like this!

He slept right through last night and toilet training is going really well too.Everyone who sees him falls in love with him and we are over the moon with him.Booked training classes today so looking forward to that,might give him a bath tommorow. cya soon glen x


Jake has left for his new home, please be a good boy Jake !!!

Dear Marcella

hope you are well. Jake is very beautiful and good and has found his chewing teeth. He is having lots of fun and is very brave exploring the gerden.

Today we have been to the vet for full check up and injection all is fine weight 2.8kg

Hope you get away for your holiday

Love Chris

reply Kelli Lee 11 days ago

Hi Marcella, We are home with Elsie and as instructed we have transfered the ownership!!!!!! The journey home went really well, she was very settled for the majority of the journey, only wimpering for a few minutes.

The introduction to Honey went really well, at first honey was scared when she moved i think she thought she was a teddy now Honey is trying to get her to play and Elsie is hiding the chair to get some peace. Elsie's had 2 pee's in the garden and is now sleeping. Nicole and Honey are sat watching waiting fot her to wake up so they can play and every now and then Honey gets up and goes to see if she's ok,

We will of course pop by soon and say hello xxx

Maisie has just left for her new home, be a good girl !!

Hi Marcella,

Well what can I say - a million thank yous, Maisie is absolutely adorable she obviously gets this from her Mum and Aunties!

She went to bed at 10pm last night and woke us at 5.50am (hopefully this wont be a one-off!! but who knows).

She loves to play, she has had a couple of wee accidents in the house but otherwise she is using the garden.

She is eating her meals but she doesn't manage to clear her bowl, she is also having drinks of water when she needs it.

She appears to have settled extremely well, I will keep you up to date with her progress.

With kindest regards,

love Karen x x

Hi Marcella,

Just a quick update for you -

Maisie had her first injection on Friday the vet absolutely loved her and congratulated yourself as such a good breeder! Her weight as you can imagine is gaining well and she gave her a clean bill of health.

We are still feeding her the Nature Diet which is enjoys and we have started to teach her little things like sit ( which she has picked up extremely quickly and now does it automatically to get her dinner!!), lay and stay.

We also take her out in the car for short trips to try to get her used to it - she used to really protest but she is gradually calming down.

She generally sleeps right through without any accidents but we obviously do get the occasional ones .

Hope Fizz and the rest of your girls and pups are doing well. Any news yet on Millie's mating???

With love Karen, John, Ashley, Ryan and Maisie x x


Hi Marcella

Millie (Mabel) is fine. She has settled really well. The only problem we have is that she is a play-biter. We need to watch our hands and feet, not to mention trousers! Other than that she is friendly and did really well the first night. She settled until about 3.30am, when we had to take her out, and then she went back to sleep until 6. Last night was funny. I have her cage in our room at night at the moment and she had to go out around 3 again. Then at about 4.30 I opened my eyes and she was lying quietly beside the bed. Being a soft touch I picked her up and she went back to sleep again, after only a few bites at my face! She got up at 6 again. She loves the garden, especially digging in the gravel, although she does put all sorts in her mouth, which I need to fish out. She thinks it's some sort of game and hides behind the plant pots.

I hope all goes well with your planning appeal. If you have any suggestions about biting, let me know.

Many thanks

Brenda Conroy 


Oscar has gone to his new home. Be a good boy!!

Wow - what a good boy. He was a bit unsettled for the first 25 minutes or so in the car but then really enjoyed himself. First he tried escaping up over the box, then he tried tunnelling out through the bottom and then gave up and just tried chewing his way through.

He settled in really well at home - a few wees in the house and a pooh and then mostly in the garden. What a clever boy. Had a gret time rummaging through all the flower beds - his new puppy kingdom I fear. He loves playing with Tick and so far seems very content with his crate - first night to get through yet though.

Thanks for such a lovely pup - we are all absolutely besotted.

Caroline, David and Marcus xxx 


Maisie has left for her new home, be a good girl !!

Dear Marcella

The food arrived this afternoon and all was well with the journey. Maisie took it all in during the time in the car. After doing a pee in the garden when we arrived home she slept in the carry cage until 2-45pm. Has eaten a little and explored the kitchen. Met Max the cat which was a bit daunting for them both. She is now asleep again.

We absolutely adore all your 'girls' and the puppies are a credit to you. Hopefully she will thrive and enjoy her life with us. Glad you enjoyed the 'pressies' with our thanks and love; all the best for the holiday. We will keep in touch.



FIZZ is staying here with us !!!! now gone to live at my step daughters house


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