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Marburys show cockers


Mum and dad !!

Belle and Spencer !

21/03/10 Pups born, 5 dogs 1 Bitch

All the babies are doing SO well, they have all doubled their birth weight by 7 days old !! Great job Belle xx

Harry, orange and white Dog. photos, born and 1 week old

2 weeks old

and 6 weeks old


Hi Marcella

Just to let you know Alfie slept the whole journey home. I took him straight into the garden where he weed. He's been enjoying all his meals and then 'performing' in the garden.

He cried for about 20 mins last night then slept from 11.30pm til 6.30am. He's been playing in the garden today, with Bilbo, but is now asleep on my foot.

We are all so pleased with him and love him to bits already.

Kim x

Alfie, orange and white Dog. Photos, born and 1 week old

2 weeks old and 6 weeks old


Hi Marcella

please find attached a few images of 'Hector's', yes we finally decided on his name!, first day with us all in Essex. He was great in the car home sleeping almost the entire journey and believe it or not slept again from 11.30 pm - 5.30 am! Something tells me that was a one off tho! He's eating Ok and has investigated every nook & cranny in the house & garden already trying to chew everything in his path! He's a real character and very determined but I know he will develop into a wonderful pet. Thank you for a wonderful puppy Marcella and we hope Jaz's litter is as lovely as Bella's. Will keep you posted on Hectors progress

Best wishes

John Cherry Ben Jade Jamie & Hector

Sam, Black and white Dog. Photos, born and 1 week old

2 weeks old

and 6weeks old

RESERVED Hi Marcella,

Thought I'd update you on Barney's progress although its only been 24 hours since he left your comfortable home! Everything is going swimmingly well, a little too well me thinks!

After leaving you we took him to see Grand-parents in Gosport and then Grand-parents in Portsmouth! Each time he was introduced to someone new he wagged his tail and lapped up the attention. Everything you should'nt do with a new puppy but he took it in his stride and was'nt fazed at all! He seemed to love the car journey too, that probably had something to do with Georgie cuddling and kissing him all the way home!

We introduced him to his new home, at first he was a little reluctant to go through the front door, well, for all of 10 seconds, and then he was away and running down the hall, tail a wagging! Every room was explored and sniffed and sniffed again. He went straight into his crate and loves it there, its his place to escape to for a little piece and quiet.

He loves his meals and has scoffed everything including little treats each time he does his business outside. The last time he actually stood by the door to be let out, a fast learner or a fluke!? We'll see!

The first night,(last night) he slept from 10pm-6pm without a murmer, I was like a new Mum waiting for him to wake up at every turn, hence I did'nt get a lot of sleep!

Georgie and Jon think I've turned into Cesar 'The Dog Whisperer', I can't hold a normal conversation anymore without tutting or hissing! Especially when Barney nibbles my toes and the Sky Box, why? who knows! He loves the TV by the way sits quite still in front of it with his head to one side! So Cute!

I could ramble on about him all night, I have become quite boring according to my friends!

So, it only leaves me to say thank-you so much again for allowing us to have one of your adorable puppies he has already brought so much joy to our family and there are many more years ahead. Its thanks to you Marcella and all the hard work you put into the puppies and your pack and not forgetting Belle of course, that we have been blessed with such a bundle of joy!

I'll be sure to keep in touch! Kind regards, Love Mel, Jon and Georgie xxx

So it just remains for me to say, thank-you so very much

Jenny,orange and white Bitch. Photos, born and 1 week old.

2 weeks old and 6 weeks old


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Orange and white Girl - RESERVED Marion (Jenny) DEPOSIT PAID

Black and white boy - RESERVED- (Teddy) Nicole Bevan DEPOSIT PAID


Belle Second Litter

Belle and Luca Litter

Marcie - Blue Roan Bitch

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Tillie - Orange Roan bitch

Billie - Blue Roan dog

Lillie - Orange Roan bitch

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